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The Alliance for Sustainable Infrastructure (ASI) is a voluntary coalition of civil society organisations and individuals, working together to ensure that public expenditures on large-scale infrastructure in Sri Lanka reflect public interest and reinforce the principles of participatory governance. Formed in October, 2021 ASI brings together environmental, social justice, human rights, and community-based organisations of women, small-scale farmers, fishing communities, plantation workers, entrepreneurial communities and civil society activists working to ensure greater financial transparency in public procurement, environmental conservation and minimising the involuntary displacement of the poor from their lands, fishing waters, livelihoods and homes; and in solidarity with the efforts of like-minded communities, organisations and individuals.


ASI aims to build a platform that unites campaigns and people’s movements in all parts of the island – from the North, South, East, West, and in the Plantation sector – irrespective of the locale of the Large-scale Infrastructure project or the affected community. It advocates that duty-holders, primarily the State and its agencies, should safeguard the public interest, participatory governance across the entire project lifecycle and respect the rights of victim communities, as guaranteed in national laws and policies, international standards and norms, as well as those that have been enjoyed under customary rights and practices. ASI aims to bring together different people's struggles and efforts to address the negative impacts and consequences of large-scale infrastructure projects, whilst supporting and building resistance via national campaigns, and to regain the rights of affected people.

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"We believe that an empowered community can define their own future, and thereby enable sustainable development."

ASI – Sri Lanka

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