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Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

To enable a multi-stakeholder approach in creation of sustainable infrastructure by;


  1. Ensuring that public expenditures on large-scale infrastructure in Sri Lanka reflect the interests of local communities;

  2. Reinforcing the principles of participatory governance by holding projects accountable to communities and best practices;

  3. Supporting progressive policy and legal reforms that ensure transparency and accountability on infrastructure procurement, consequential land and livelihood rights of poor and marginalized people & protects the environment.

Our Vision

Sustainable Infrastructure,

Stronger Economy,

and Better Lives.

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Six-pillar Strategy

ASI focuses on the three thematic areas identified in the report Opportunities to Protect Public Interest in Public Infrastructure: Review of the Regulatory Frameworks in Sri Lanka that paved the way towards the formation of the ASI.


The thematic areas are:

  • Public Procurement

  • Environmental Impact Assessment, and

  • Involuntary Resettlement


Under this scope, the ASI adopts six engagement strategies outlined below in the course of engaging with stakeholders:


Parliament Engagement Strategy

Raising the issues in parliament either in the form of public petition or oral questions raised by members.


Social Media Engagement Strategy

Using social media to enable stakeholder response to issues by sharing their opinions, comments, suggestions, criticisms etc. 


Public Interest Litigation Strategy

Taking legal course of actions through the judiciary to safeguard the public interest.


Web-Based Platform Strategy

Using a digital platform to penetrate the online audience by focusing on allowing one segment of participants to benefit from the presence or interaction of others. 


Right to Information (RTI) Engagement Strategy

Seeking access to crucially relevant information from authorities using the provisions of the Right to Information Act No. 12 of 2016


Community Mobilization Strategy

Reaching out to different sectors of a community and creating partnerships to focus on, and ultimately address pressing issues of infrastructure.

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"ASI aspires to influence and inspire participatory governance in large-scale infrastructure initiatives in the country."

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