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ASI and JK chart a path to address pollution in the Negombo lagoon

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

The Convenor of Alliance for Sustainable Infrastructure (ASI) Mr. Samantha Abeywickrama met with Janavaboda Kendraya (JK) President Mr. Nimal Perera, Administrative Secretary Ms. Marian Pradeepa and other officials at JK to discuss how the two organizations could work together to protect Negombo Lagoon.

They agreed to initiate several dialogues to address pollution of the Negombo Lagoon through multiple actions, including proposing mangrove replanting and raising awareness about potential threats to 1,100 acres of land due to development plans.

ASI will be assisting JK in achieving key goals by:

  1. Initiating a dialogue with the President and the Minister of Environment regarding the current status of the Negombo Lagoon.

  2. Addressing ongoing pollution issues in the lagoon by sending a letter to the Central Environment Authority and proposing a renewal and cleaning process.

  3. Proposing a mechanism to prevent the dumping of garbage and waste into the lagoon.

  4. Launching a program to replant mangroves along the lagoon's banks, promoting ecological restoration.

  5. Opening a dialogue about the potential loss of 1100 acres of land due to the pending Negombo City development program, while raising national-level awareness about the associated threats.

  6. Engaging with the Minister and those affected by the Ruwanpura Highway, ensuring a fair valuation of assets that may be displaced and creating a list of these items while garnering public attention.

  7. Planning out common activities to raise the Negombo Lagoon awareness at COP 28 and helping JK develop an action plan.



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